About Camarada

Camarada allows anyone to capture and share VR video. It is world's only mobile app that captures stereoscopic 3D videos. It is also the only app that allows synchronized playback across multiple VR viewers, enabling a true social viewing experience.

Preserve and relive your memories in Virtual Reality! No cable. No rig. No post-production. For FREE. VR video by and for everyone.

How does Camarada
capture VR video

Single User Mode: Camarada captures 2D videos and renders them in VR mode for immersive viewing.

Dual Phone Mode: Camarada automatically syncs and links two smartphones to capture stereoscopic 3D videos.

Multi-Phone (3+) mode: Camarada captures panoramic/360-degree videos (coming soon)

How is Camarada different from Google Cardboard Camera?

Google Cardboard Camera captures 3D panoramic photos of static/inanimate scenes only (try it when someone is moving in the scene, and you will know what we mean). Camarada is Google Cardboard Camera on steroids - it captures high-definition 3D VR videos.

How is Camarada different from other "3D" camera apps?

There are plenty of apps that capture multiple pictures/frames, then stitch them together to create panoramic 2D pictures or analyphs. They are either not 3D at all, or 3D but only for inanimate objects. Camarada gives you a far more immersive experience than any of them can, because it's capable of true stereoscopic 3D video. But don't take our words for it - try the app and you will see!

Does Camarada capture 360-degree videos?

In dual phone mode, the 3D VR videos that Camarada captures have roughly 180 degrees field of view. With more phones, Camarada is capable of 360-degree, 2D or 3D video capture - this feature is currently in development.

How to use

Camarada is simple and intuitive to use. In Single-User mode, you just point and shoot as with any other camera app. Dual-Phone, 3D mode is easy as pie as well: press one button to pair your device with your friend's, and you are ready to capture the world in 3D! Watch the tutorial video to get an idea of how easy it is.


Camarada is a complete VR content creation solution AND a complete VR content viewing solution, too. It's packed with features, including:

Advanced Algorithms/

We want you to focus on creating amazing VR videos, and not worrying about complex setups or time-consuming post-processing steps. Camarada employs sophisticated Computer Vision algorithms under the hood, so you can just point-and-shoot, and let Camarada automatically fix any imperfections for you.

Flexible Stereo Base/

Surpassing dedicated 3D cameras that cost hundreds even thousands of dolloars, Camarada let's you adjust the stereo base (distance between two cameras) at will, so you can capture perfect 3D scenes no matter how close/far objects are.

Synchronized Playback/

Camarada turns solitary VR viewing into social experiences - by synchronizing the playback of VR videos/games, consumers are able to see, hear, and react at exactly the same time.

/Use any device

You can use any device, whatever you and your friend happen to have. Camarada automatically adjusts for the differences.

/Viewer Support

Camarada supports all Google Cardboard variants and Samsung Gear VR. Other popular ways of viewing 3D content, like 3D glasses and 3D TVs, are supported as well (currently only for photos).

/Automatic Upgrade

Unlike a dedicated camera that becomes obsolete after a few years, Camarada automatically upgrade every time you upgrade your phone, to take advantage of the new camera hardware!

/Photos, too

Camarada not only captures 3D videos, it can capture stunning 3D pictures as well. And unlike existing 3D camera apps, it takes 3D pictures of any dynamic scene.


If you'd like to report bugs, provide feedback or suggestions, or make new feature requests, please drop us a note below - we'd love to hear from you!